Federal Support - Rural Healthcare 

DIscover what telconnections does

Telconnections assists rural hospitals, non-profit clinics and other eligible health care facilities in planning, deploying and acquiring funding for broadband projects. 

Successful deployment of broadband can often mean the difference between improved delivery and limited availability of healthcare services.  Vital services such as telemedicine, urgent care for stroke patients and full access to cloud-based technologies are necessary to operate in the internet-of-things era.  

Telconnections allows clients to do more with less. 

  • Analyzes a health care organization’s needs with a comprehensive review of goals and requirements, including an assessment of program eligibility for federal programs including FCC-USAC.

  • Files for FCC-USAC subsidies and manage competitive bids in accordance with USAC standards.

  • Finalizes funding requests to insure the optimal use of monies for the benefit of the heath care facility.

  • Manages the rollout of new services as a value add for the client.

  • Provides project management from initial planning through service turn-up.